Friday, April 2, 2010

Krug Park Trials Comp - May 8, 2010

For years I didn't think a comp in St. Joseph would be possible... but the day is at hand. Thanks most of all to the City of St. Joseph for their continued support of cycling and for the creation of the Krug Park trials area. Of course, you can't have a trials comp without riders, so "Thanks" (in advance) to those of you that plan to participate. I'm hopeful that the day will bring fun times for all involved and perhaps spark a bit more local interest in Bike Trials.
May 8, 2010
Krug Park Trials Area
1100 Krug Park Drive
St. Joseph, MO 64505
Entry Fees: $30 Sport, Expert and Pro
$10 Beginner
Registration: 9AM - 10:45AM
Riders Mtg: 10:45AM - 11AM
Beginners: 11AM - 2PM
Sport, Exp, Pro: 11:30AM - 2:30PM
Awards: 2:45PM

Make sure you check out my earlier post for details about the trials area.

Krug Park Trials Area (1100 Krug Park Drive St. Joseph, MO 64505)

The Rock
The vast majority of rock is layered limestone with thicknesses ranging from 18" - 22". There are approximately 37 large boulders with several feet in thickness. The trials area is comprised of over 140 boulders total. The tallest rideable features range from 6' - 7'. As a result of the "square" dimensions of rock, many features have somewhat of an urban ride feel from the almost "platform" like stacking.

Why this particular set-up?
Being the only rider in our city, my goal is to grow the sport of trials in this area. Since it was a trials demonstration that prompted the city to express interest in expanding the amenities of our parks, I wanted to capitalize on the public's interest in "viewing" the sport. My hope is that spectators will become riders, thus I wanted the area to be spectator friendly. Additionally, I wanted to minimize the amount of work required by the city crews, so I positioned the areas around several large boulders that were already in place. The portion of the park where the trials area is situated is also the location of a couple of annual festivals, thus I had to leave a great deal of open space. The area is also situated at the primary trail head for the park's mountain bike trails, thus the primary location for related events.

As far as the individual boulder placement?... As the only rider... likely for a while... I wanted to make the area suitable for progression, so there are numerous short gaps and other Sport-Friendly features. This arrangement was an easy decision, because the city committed to moving things around in the future if I felt it was necessary. After all, the biggest part of the project was hauling the rock... and that's done. Now, it only requires a single operator and high-loader to move everything around. The entire area could be significantly rearranged in just a couple of hours due to the large open spacing of the park area.

Expert and Pro section intended for spectator "wow" factor and to take advantage of pre-existing permanently placed large rocks.

Expert and Pro section adjacent to Area 1 at the entrance to the trials area also intended to please the spectators. Very similar to Area 1 in design, but likely requires bigger moves.

Beginner, Sport and Expert area large enough for multiple sections. The rock spacing allows for a great deal of rolling moves, yet provides small scale gapping opportunities for sport level riders. There are plenty of sidehop options and larger gaps to challenge the experts or pro's as well. The downhill side of the area adds more challenge if desired. Beginners can weave through the rocks with tight turns and options for rolling onto and off of several rocks.

An ALL Classes area featuring large flat roll-over rocks as well as tall features with long gaps (up or drop) for experts and pros. Small to large sidehop options throughout.

Sport, Expert and Pro Area with multiple section potential. Easy to create some scary expert and pro lines yet a couple of options for just rolling and hucking your way through in the sport class.

Another All Classes area with off-camber rocks and terrain. Mostly large boulders for big ups, gaps and drops. Certainly some crowd pleasing expert and pro lines.

An All Classes area featuring numerous closely spaced rocks for rolling and hucking. Several big boulders for expert and pro riders. Plenty of ups and drops for Sport, Expert or Pro. Some good endurance lines running from one end to the other.

Please stop by if you have a chance.